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Custard Apple likes to enlighten feature film production & market skills of Indian filmmakers. Thus country in particular enhances the film industry success.

Custard Apple organizes following programs in 2017
First of its kind initiative in filmmaking for film talents.


  • Film Development production & exploitation deals
  • Green Filmmaking
  • Co-productions: Possibilities and challenges
  • How to produce films with minimum budget
  • Animation filmmaking a big opportunity
  • Short filmmaking, Distribution and Monetization
  • Art of making Documentary
  • How to pitch your story

And many more…

Conferences and Roundtables

  • Working with talents
  • How to reduce risks investing in Film
  • How to raise Crowd funding for films
  • Global Film Financing
  • Producing films for pre sales
  • How to approach for film funds
  • Film Marketing do's & don'ts
  • Film PR & Social Media
  • Distribution
  • Digital Distribution – Future VOD
  • Digital Revenue models – Contents & deals
  • Distributing and monetizing feature documentaries
  • Working with IP guilds/Associations
  • Working with sales Agent

And many more… and mainly...

Pitch your film script to producers and investors-

Plausible participating countries: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, New Zealand, UK & Northern Ireland and other countries. Networking with producers, Film Corporations and Funding agencies.

All programs are for profiles of film Directors, producers, Film financiers, directors, investors, aspiring professionals, Junior legal and business affairs executives, film students, or anyone interested in entering the business of film production, film law, film finance or exploitation.

All Program speakers, panelists, moderator's and competition juries are National & International film industry experts. Like to participate in any of the program, please subscribe here

If you are professional of filmmaking process Register here