Fly Away (2014)

Live Action | 90 Min

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Original Title: Дүүлэн Нис
English Title: Fly Away
Writer & Director: Dorjsuren Shadav
Cast: Mungunzul Amgalnbaatar, Kim Tae Yong, Kim Min Su
Language: Mongolian
Media: Live Action, Drama
Status: Completed
Production Company: Doz Entertainment
Pro-Countries: Mongolia and South Korea

Synopsis: There’s an old and sad tale about a Mongolian princess who married to a King of Korea. That tale reoccurs in the present. But this time it is completely different… A family is keeping a woman at their home but she didn’t know that she was filling a place for a dead woman. The mom wanted to raise her mute son by her own way, and she killed her daughter-in- law, who was from a rich family. And she wanted to find a woman who looks like her deceased daughter-in-law so that she can get the daughter-in- law’s money in the bank account. Thus she chose a girl who came to work in Korea. But the girl saw the queen in her dream and the Queen protected the girl, and she escaped. At the end, she herself shows to the evil beings there are goods in this world. The girl comes back to her motherland safe and sound and so the Queen’s soul can rest in peace.

Festivals: Mongolian Academy Awards

Best Director
Best Actress
Best Editing
Best Make-up
Best VFX


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