Kunju Daivam (2018)

Live Action | 93 Min

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Original Title: Kunju Daivam
English Title: Little God
Director: Jeo baby
Media: Live Action, Children
Language: Malayalam
Status: Completed
Production Company:
 Ocean Pictures
Pro-Countries: Indie 

Synopsis: A little boy who dreads of math homeworks, dreads exams and believes that God will save him from all his problems, Ouseppachan is the ‘head’ of his small family in the absence of his father, who works abroad. A God-fearing boy, who never misses a Mass, he regularly prays to God to make him taller, help him win the online game ‘Criminal Case’ and make his math teacher fall from his bike or wouldn’t mind praying to God for somebody’s death so that he doesn’t have to attend school. Most of his prayers somehow happen, much to his joy. Once, he prays to God to let someone die so that he could bunk school, but it is his grandfather, to whom he is quite close, who passes away. Overpowered by grief and guilt thinking that it was his prayers that caused the death, Ouseppachan decides to redeem himself by saving someone from death – not only through prayers, but also by the virtue of his deeds. That’s when a sick girl, Katha Jeevan, comes into his life. The movie stresses on the theme that divinity is innocence itself.

An ode to the age of innocence, Kunju Daivam tells the story of a spirited boy and his little world full of miracles.

20th International Children’s Film Festival, 2017
51st World Film Festival, Houston, 2018
Busan Kids and Youth Film Festival, South Korea, 2018 and others

Awards: The movie had made Adish Praveen, the lead character to win the best child actor national award for the year 2017

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