Love Destroyer (2016)

Live Action | 82 Min

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 25 May, 2020

Movie Story

Original Title: Дурлал Сүйтгэгч
English Title: Love Destroyer
Director: Mungunzul Amgalanbaatar
Cast: Uuganbayar Enkhbat, Zoljargal Bayarsaikhan, Myagmarnaran Gombo, Zolzaya Ganbold, Gerelchuluun Baatarchuluun
Media: Live Action, Romance
Status: Completed
Production Company: Doz Entertainment
Pro-Countries: Mongolia 

Synopsis: Galaa and Gerlee are getting married. But the wedding is suddenly cut short when four other brides show up – threatening to take the groom’s life. It turns out that Gerlee is the biggest player in the city, and has been dating all five women at the same time up until the day of his wedding. Boloroo is an overly jealous flight attendant, Enkhee is a doctor who loves to party, Tuya is a sexually aggressive chef while Jimsee is one fiery actress. As Galaa confesses and desperately tries to explain himself to Gerlee, his multiple lovers unleash their furious vengeance to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

Mongolian Academy Awards

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