Ondalla Eradalla (2017)

Live Action | 132 Min

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Original Title: Ondalla Eradalla
English Title: Not one or two
Director: Satya Prakash D
Language: Kannada
Live Action, Drama, Social Issue
Production Company: DN Cinemas
Pro-Countries: Indie 

Synopsis: ‘Ondalla Eradalla…’ (Not one or two) is a story of seven year old boy ‘Sameera’ and his pet animal which he loves so much. When accidentally his pet is lost, Sameera goes in search of his pet to a town called ‘Pete’ and becomes alone in the process. He meets many people from different sections of the society. Whether the selfishness of those people come in way of Sameera and his pet or whether his innocence beats their selfishness, ultimately whether Sameera gets reunited with his pet or not forms the crux of the film ‘Ondalla Eradalla…’.

The film tries to bring out the innocence in different people belonging to different sections of the society and tries to emphasize the fact that innocence and helping nature is the main thing that is needed in our daily life to be happy and content.

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