Organic Sage of India

Documentary | 52 Min

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 25 May, 2020
  • English Title: Panchatantra
  • India Title: Indien folk Stories

Movie Story

Original Title: Sarala Virala
English Title: Organic Sage of India
Director: Ere Gowda
Media: Documentary
Status: Completed
Production Company:
 Naguvana Creations
Pro-Countries: Indie 

Synopsis: In a world subjected to an onslaught of saleable ideas and products, a world where we indulge beyond our means, is there a possibility of leading a life true to the values we believe in? To abstain from indulgence? ‘Sarala – Virala’ is an insight into a life of simple man, who remains steadfast and true to his beliefs in the midst of awards, popularity, wealth, and the materialistic new-age lifestyle.

L. Narayana Reddy is an octogenarian organic farmer, imparting knowledge on environment-friendly agriculture gained from decades of practice to people from all walks of life. Narayana Reddy’s farming methods, the knowledge he shares and the lifestyle he leads is a stark contrast to the problem-laden modern farmer. It is this contrast that ‘Sarala-Virala’ dwells upon, thus documenting a man of example for present day society.

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