Rama Rama Re (2017)

Live Action | 112 Min

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 25 May, 2020
  • English Title: Panchatantra
  • India Title: Indien folk Stories

Movie Story

Original Title: Rama Rama Re
English Title: Oh my God
Director: Satya Prakash D
Media: Live Action, Drama
Language: Kannada
Status: Completed
Production Company: Kannada Colors Cinema
Pro-Countries: Indie 

Synopsis: A Journey of 4 People which unveils the significance, strength and nuances of human bondages underneath the philosophy of birth and death, fear and rage, security and insecurity, fate and destiny. The plot revolves around the journey of varied characters in a jeep with a flavour of humour and sarcasm.


Bangalore International Film Festival- 2017
Jagaran International Film Festival –2017
Cyprus International Film Festival 2017
Prince of Prestige Academy Awards 2017
Cayman Islands International Film Festival -2017
Singapore South Asia Film Festival 2017 – Singapore (1st to 10th Sep 2017)
Jagaran International Film Festival, Mumbai–2017 (18th to 24th Sep 2017)
Casa Asia Film Festival 2017- Spain (2nd to 12th Nov 2017)

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